Ruben Hernandez

Who would have thought that an invitation to a barbecue would become a personal challenge?

Knowing that the cause merited my attention, I was forced to say “YES” despite my 226 pounds and my physical condition. I have never participated in a Triathlon.

Today with great joy I can say that I am part of the team of "Athletes for the Mercy of God".

I will be challenging my physical condition and strengthening my spirit for this wonderful cause of providing funds to the“Fundación Hogar de la Misericordia”. I understand the challenge ahead is nothing short, but I will do my best to complete it with the help of you all.

Your support is very important to help children, seniors and young people benefiting from this Foundation in Colombia, therefore I will leave open my economic proposal so as not to limit the generosity of all my friends and acquaintances.

I will be sharing my progress on social media and will keep you updated with all the good things happening to me by just saying "Yes". I take this phrase as my own to motivate every step I take in this challenge:

"Persist, Resist, Insist" ...

Thank you!

Donated amount: $810

Goal: $1,500

Contact us:

+1 305-356-4020

7258 NW 66th Street Miami, Florida 33166


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