Paola Gomez

Competing for our beloved Hogar de la Misericordia Foundation encourages me to strive and move towards the goal with dedication, see with each donation how the dreams and hopes of girls and grandparents come true thanks to your support, it fills me with great love and the effort is worth 100%, support me in this beautiful cause and we compete together with your help.


The Hogar de la Misericordia Foundation has managed to welcome hundreds of our little girls and grandparents, who are going through complicated life circumstances. These girls and grandparents have found the hope of a life full of God's love, and it has been revealed through all the people who through their generosity and dedication have shown that God never abandons us and always manifests in our lives.

Donated amount: $590

Goal: $1,500

Contact us:

+1 305-356-4020

7258 NW 66th Street Miami, Florida 33166


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