The Home of Mercy Foundation is located in the countryside of Restrepo in the department of Meta, Colombia. This rural country setting is where our young adults and teen girls find the assistance they need to improve their quality of life. They usually come to us from situations of social and personal disadvantage. 



Old age,  is a period of life in which it is necessary to strength  the physical, emotional and spiritual abilities, since having a high growth of these, results in the harmonious and balanced development of the personality of the elderly, greatly influences and it becomes  in a good state of physical and mental health .....


This home is located at the Balcones Lane in the Restrepo municipality, Meta Department, Colombia.

The area takes about three hectares of land. We have a housing area and are implementing a farming site in sustainable development. There is an area to raise swine and chickens, as well as livestock enclosures for milking cows, and a vegetable garden.


Our Transitional Housing is located in the urban area of the municipality of Restrepo in the department of Meta.

This home of the religious Sisters Daughters of the Mother of God was adapted to create a space for the refuge and protection of boys, girls, and adolescents from the municipality of Restrepo that are victims of abuse, domestic violence or other circumstances that place them in need of a safe place to stay.


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+1 305-356-4020

7258 NW 66th Street Miami, Florida 33166


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