Home for Girls


The Home of Mercy Foundation is located in the countryside of Restrepo in the department of Meta, Colombia. This rural country setting is where our young adults and teen girls find the assistance they need to improve their quality of life. They usually come to us from situations of social and personal disadvantage. We offer ongoing comprehensive services to meet their health and psychological needs, as well as social and spiritual assistance.

Our comprehensive program provides:

  • a home/family-like space for the girls, teens and young adults.

  • the necessary tools and skills that will allow our residents to either return to their families or be able to live an independent, productive and healthy life.

  • the tools to promote civic awareness in order to prepare our residents to be active participants in their communities and become their own human rights advocates.  

  • assistance in the development of spiritual and psychopedagogy strategies that will strengthen our residents’ ability to set goals for a more stable life.

  • spiritual guidance and education in order to foster an encounter with God and strengthen our residents’ values, principles, and spiritual formation. This will allow them to become productive members of the society in whichever path they choose, either as lay professionals or through a consecrated life to God.


Currently, in this home, there are 27 girls ages 10 to 23 years, who are offered shelter, food, clothing, academic studies, preparation for the sacraments, spiritual and human formation, leisure and recreational spaces.


Home for Girls