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How can you help?.


The Home of Mercy is fully supported by your donations.  Thanks to your generosity, our girls can grow and develop as young ladies with a strong spiritual and personal foundation, that will facilitate a better future in their communities.

Your donations also allow us to cover the basic needs of our elderly. This help provides a means for them to live their lives with dignity.




Our most important accomplishments.

Our Foundation has embraced hundreds of girls and elderly individuals living in extreme poverty and difficult social circumstances.  In our Home of Mercy, they have found hope, and they have personally experienced the love of God revealed through the generosity and dedication of all the people involved with this Foundation.



Recent News.

We are proud to announce that one of our girls has completed her professional education with the support of our Foundation.  

With God’s blessing and the generosity of donors like you, we hope to support and assist more girls in their journeys of personal, educational and spiritual growth.

Our next project.​

We are currently developing a project for a youth rehabilitation farm that will welcome victims of drug addictions. In this farm, we will also offer assistance to young men and women who find themselves in a vulnerable life situation and are in need of a place to recover with dignity and nurture their physical, emotional and spiritual beings.

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